Tech editing

What I can offer

Knit and crochet patterns come in all forms, and my ultimate goal is to make sure that they are:

  • Accurate;
  • Readable; and
  • Consistent

Without these three key elements, your customers are not likely to return, no matter how stunning the design! It is best to invest a little time (and just a little money) in getting things right from the off. It is important to look at:

  1. The maths – is it correct? Does it all add up? Is the sizing correct? Do you have the right number of repeats? Is the tension used correctly?
  2. The terminology – is it understandable or do some of the abbreviations need additional explanation? Are the repeats in the right place – could they be written in a more easy to follow way? Is it US when your market is UK, or do you want to convert UK to US? I am proficient in the different terminology and can work to your required market.
  3. The words – eliminating ‘typos’ is a guaranteed way to impress. If your customers know that you’ve got that right, they are more likely to trust the maths.
  4. Consistency – this is often overlooked, as attention is paid to other areas. Do you have the same line spacing throughout? Do you interchange tension and gauge? Is the font type (and size) the same, from beginning to end? Do you mix round and square brackets? It’s these little things that give that professional finish and I am happy to proof-read as I go, ensuring you’ve a top-quality product to offer.

I will work closely with you every step of the way, providing a document showing the changes I propose to make (and why I suggest making them) before presenting the final pattern. I find that this process not only ensures that you are happy with the finished product, but it also helps with future pattern writing. I don’t need to see the sample to tech edit, but might need to request images of specific sections on rare occasions.

With a background in publishing (both books and magazines) I am happy to work with designers or editors to produce a ‘Style Guide’ to ensure that all patterns follow the same format. This gives customers a sense of security when buying your books or patterns, as they know what to expect.

I can also offer add-ons, with preparation of charts (both knit and crochet) and schematics, in formats easily used by either the designer or the publisher, making for a much better relationship with magazines/yarn companies and an increased possibility of repeat commissions. I have Adobe InDesign software together with widely used and recognised charting software and Excel. If you are self publishing, I can design the final pattern in a pdf format ready for pay-to-download patterns for Ravelry, Etsy, etc. You would need to provide images of sufficient resolution and would be given approval before the final pdf was presented.

Ok, I’m sold – can you edit my work?

At present, I have space for additional clients and would be delighted to discuss your requirements.

Please email me  to discuss pricing, turn around time or any other questions you may have. This will depend on number of projects, complexity (fingerless mitts are cheaper than 5 section lace shawls!), add-ons and deadlines. Long term relationships might lead to discounts too!

Prices start at £10, so you’ve nothing to lose and lots to gain.

pw x

Examples of publications I have tech-edited for*:

insidecrochet11 ywmasthead

(c) Cico Books

(c) Cico Books












* Monthly issues of Inside Crochet and Yarn Forward/Knit/Yarnwise



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