Multi-tasking made easy

Over The Moon!

I got a little (ok, a lot) excited yesterday over a gadget. It doesn’t happen often – the last time I went all ga-ga for tech was when I got my shiny new macbook pro. I even took photos of the unboxing. I didn’t go quite that far this time, but only because I don’t have a decent camera (yet – but soon, oh so very soon!). So, what got me dancing round my front room (and confusing My Boy in the process!)?

Over the Moon!

An E-Reader!


I honestly never thought I would be tempted, as I am a book-loving book-worm. I like holding something tangible, tactile. I love the smell of the pages, the sound of them turning, the fact that my oldest and most treasured books have been read so often the are falling apart (or, in some cases have fallen apart and are held together with tape!). I have books I turn to when I am happy, when I am sad, when I am feeling nostalgic. I have moved a lot over the years, and have had to ‘downsize’ my collection time after time, so the books I have kept are like family to me. So, why get an e-reader?

It was all down to a chance comment. A knitter I know got an e-reader as a gift. She reads. A lot! Nothing unusual there. However, because she liked reading so much, not a lot of knitting was being done – most projects cast on for ‘deadline’ knitting (usually gifts) were passed over to me in a blind panic for finishing asap. Since getting the e-reader she was delighted to tell me (and I was delighted to hear) that she could read and knit at the same time – she even had a rare FO (Finished Object) as proof!

I frequently combine knitting with something else. Usually, when knitting or crocheting, I can be found spending  quality time with My Boy, watching a film or listening to the radio, an audio book  or catching up with friends in person or on the phone. It’s rare that I just ‘sit and knit’ but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t read. It was too tricksy – balancing the book, trying to turn the pages, moving my knitting to see the other page…all sorts of issues!  I needed more hands. So, it got me thinking – should I give in and get one too, so I was no longer limited to just reading in bed?

reading in bed

The decision was made for me when I spotted one on offer for under £30! It’s not an all singing, all dancing model, and it is tiny, but I did some research and went for it. What really sold it to me is that (unlike some other well known brands!) you can ‘borrow’ e-books from your local library – at least, you can in the UK and US – and there is a great selection available. I would be able to feed my love of reading without taking up any more space and keep my book collection to my three favourite authors and my Old Faithfuls.

I went for it, and today I was really glad that I didn’t get a whooshy one with a back light, or I would still have been reading when the alarm went off this morning. It is so light that I could read for much longer, I was spoilt for choice with books and it fits in my pocket. Perhaps I can  downsize my handbag now too?

Did I get any knitting done while I was reading? Of course not! I was ‘bonding’ with my New Toy, but I know that it will be easy to knit and crochet with it when I get a chance.

Extreme multi-tasking

You can see that most of my multi-tasking while crafting is sedentary – what about you? Do you knit or crochet while doing something else? How about while working out on an exercise bike? It’s probably not a good idea to try to knit while on a treadmill – although David Babcock, possible holder of the Guiness Record for knitting the longest scarf while running a marathon, might disagree with me there!

Marathon Knitter

(c) David Babcock

Right, the kettle has boiled, My Boy needs a hug and I might just give knitting and reading at the same time a go this evening!

Until next time,

pw x