Rotherwick Scarf – a free knitting pattern x

ROTHERWICKSCARFA free pattern from

I leapt out of bed this morning, thinking it was 9.45am. This was very, very bad. I had an urgent appointment somewhere ridiculously important at 10am and it was a two hour drive away. There was no way I was going to make it and boy, was I going to be in trouble!

I ran downstairs and into the garden, carrying Mr Tinklepants, then thought – hold on, that’s not 9.45am daylight. Thats 6.15am daylight!


So, here I am, dressed, breakfasted (a French Hom-ellete, with thanks to Julia Child) and with time to spare. Mmm, what’s a girl to do? I know.

Show everyone the knitted Scarf she designed for Artesano,
it’s available for free on their website!

Yes, that’s right – absolutely free. Although I must warn you, when this post was written they had 20% off Aran yarns and I can’t be held responsible for any purchases!

You can find the pattern here. 

So, pick up your sticks and get knitting – it’s never to early to start on (ahem) holiday gifts!

Sorry about that.

With love,



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