New Year, New Start?

I was catching up with a lovely friend earlier today, Sharon of fivemoons, when she pondered whether anything ‘new’ decided  today is doomed to failure, simply because it could be construed as a ‘new year’s resolution’. We haven’t spoken in a while though, so my ‘new’ news and plans, although they are starting now aren’t really ‘new’ to me as I have been planning them for a while so I figure they don’t count as resolutions! I am, however, really rather looking forward to what the New year has in store for me – lots of hard work, but hopefully a smoother ride.

My last post, counting my blessings, was somewhat appropriate. The following week, My Boy was startled on a pavement and leapt into the path of an oncoming car. He bounced off and ran away so fast I couldn’t catch up with him. I had only just started  working in the village where he went missing, but word quickly spread and everyone was out on foot and horseback looking for him. He was found, six or so hours later, waiting at my office. The vet gave him the all clear and I definitely counted my blessings that day.

Anyway, this is seriously at risk of this becoming the Diary of My Dog (perhaps he should get a blog!) so I guess I’d better crack on with the crafts! I have been rather good at finishing projects these past few weeks, but not so good at photographing them. With all this rain, the light has been appalling! I will get them shot as soon as I can. What I have photographed (rather badly today) was some fingerless mitts I had great fun putting together. I purchased the yarn from ebay, from kingcraigfabrics – £3 for a 100g ball, 95% merino, 5% cashmere. It was project specific – my father had asked for an autumn coloured scarf, and the brown flecked yarn was ideal. I must admit to being a little hesitant when placing the order as I’d never ordered from an unknown (to me) supplier before, not without seeing the yarn first anyway, but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived! It was lovely to work with, so when I’d finished the scarf (photos to follow!) I cast on straight away for my ‘Rustic Chorus’ fingerless mitts. I have wanted a pair of ‘oversized’ fingerless mitts for a while, with rolled edges and simple cuffs, so here they are:

And here is the (very basic, un tech edited and originally written in my almost illegible scribble!) pattern for the ……


To fit: Adult

Using a light aran yarn (I used less than 100g, you could probably work it with 50g!) and 4.5mm circulars (long enough for magic loop) cast on 32 sts; join to work in the round, taking care not to twist sts.
PM (place marker) if desired – personally, I just use the tail to let me know when I’m at the beginning of a new round.
Place half the sts on each side of the magic loop. Knit 40 rounds.
Next rnd: K15 sts, yo, k1; k1, yo, k15.
Next rnd: Knit.
Rep last two rounds (increasing the number of sts after/before each yo as set) until there are 21 sts on each ‘side’ of the magic loop.
Next rnd: Knit to last 6 sts before the tail/marker; place 6 sts on waste yarn. Place the next 6 sts (from the next ‘side’) on waste yarn.
Pull yarn tight to close gaps/minimise laddering and continue knitting to the end of the next round.
Working on the live sts only, knit another 12 rnds.
Cast off loosely.
Replace the 12 thumb sts on the needle; pick up 1 st at ‘hand’ end, k6; k6, pick up another st.
Next rnd: K2tog, k to last 2 sts, ask.
Knit 5 more rnds.
Cast off – I found a suspended cast off helped to prevent the thumb from being too tight.
Weave in ends.

This style gives yo ‘ladders’ at the thumb join. If you want to have solid gloves, work a m1l/m1r increase instead. However you work it, make the second mitt the same.



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